Tenuke The Eskimo - Childrens adventure book

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Tony Echols reunites families together with the simple joy of bedtime stories.

Who is Tenuke?

(Pronounced Te'nook)

Ask Tony Echols, a man with a vision who is a Great Storyteller who started telling stories since 8th grade. His part 1 book series on "Tenuke the Eskimo" boy is an awesome read for parents who love reading bedtime stories to their children. The multicultural characters open the eyes of all races.

"Tenuke the Eskimo" boy dreams to be a great hunter. His journey takes him on an adventure where he learns that he must be patient and obedient, which will one day lead him to be a great hunter like his father.

"Tenuke the Eskimo" has been introduced as one of the most anticipated children's books available now online. Mr. Echols takes us on an imaginative adventure with fictitious characters Tenuke, Mohan and Cohlony. Every child will be taught patience and obedience after reading this book. The book allows parents that love reading to their children convey simple lessons- instill patience, obedience, love, parenting, and compassion while making memories.
Tenuke The Eskimo Childrens Book

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